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Nick Dempsey is two-time RS:X World Champion

Lee El-Korsiz won the title in advance, yesterday, and local Patrícia Freitas won the medal race among ladies today

Búzios, Brazil – Today was the last day of the RS:X World Champion in Búzios. Despite the good weather, the sailors have to wait for almost an hour to do the medal race. It was about 13h (1600GMT) when the race committee started the men’s race.

The British Nick Dempsey was the leader of the competition, nine points ahead the Dutchman Dorian Van Rijsselberge, in second. On the water, each sailor did their own race, and Dorian could manage better the shifty winds and won the race, finishing second on the championship. Nick was second on the race, adding four more points on the overall results, enough to ensure his second world title. Curiously, it is the inverted podium of the last Olympics when Dorian was gold and Nick silver in his homewaters in Weymouth.

“I’m very happy. The race was really difficult because of the wind and I was a little anxious, but everything was good at the end”, said Nick Dempsey, the first man to secure two world titles in the RS:X board.

Who was also happy was the Greek Byron Kokkalanis. He, local Ricardo “Bimba” Winicki and the Israeli Nimrod Mashiah went to the race with the same 41 points. So whoever finished the race in the front would ensure the bronze medal. Kokkalanis ended the medal race in third, celebrating a lot after the finishing line.

“It was really hard, I had to fight with Bimba and luckily this was my turn. I knew he was going to fight to be third so my goal was to end in front of him. I had a lot of problems in the past year, lost the European Championship on the tiebreaker and the third place on the Worlds by one point, so today was my day”, celebrated Kokkalanis.

Bimba was racing at home  and was considered one of the favorites to win the race today, but the fight with Kokkalanis put him in 6th on the race and 4th at the championship.

“Everybody had the same chances and I needed to put the Greek and the Israeli behind me. I got rid of Nimrod on the start, but Kokkalanis sailed really well, on my neck and finished two positions ahead”, said Bimba.

On the girls fleet, the Israeli Lee El Korsiz did a great job yesterday, opening 21 points from the fellow Maayan Davidovich, ensuring the third world title in a row. Despite that, she sailed the medal race, ending it in 8th. The winner, for the cheer of the local crowd, was the Brazilian Patrícia Freitas. “I’m so happy that I cannot explain my feelings. Brazil has a great energy and it was essential for me to win”, said Lee, the three times RS:X world champion.

The 7th RS:X World Championship is sponsored by the city of Búzios, ProLagos, Institute Equipav, Aegea, Institute Equipav and Aegea. Is supported by Brazilian Federal Government and has the aid of: Wöllner, Rider, Hannover Wines and Bodega Ruca Malen.

Final results:

Men’s Fleet

1.       1. Nick Dempsey, GBR, 30 pontos perdidos

2.       2. Dorian Van Rijsselberge, NED, 37 pp

3.       3. Byron Kokkalanis, GRE, 49 pp

4.       4. Ricardo Winick, BRA, 53 pp

5.       5. Piotr Myszka, POL, 57 pp

6.       6. Nimrod Maschiah, ISR, 59 pp

7.       7. Shahar Zubari, ISR, 77 pp

8.       8. Ivan Pastor, ESP, 78 pp

9.       9. Pierre Le Coq, FRA, 84 pp

10.   10. Louis Giard, FRA, 87 pp

Women’s Fleet:

1.      1.  Lee-El Korsiz, ISR, 44 pontos perdidos

2.       2. Bryony Shaw, GBR, 60 pp

3.       3. Maayan Davidovich, ISR, 67 pp

4.       4. Tuuli Petaja-Siren, FIN, 71 pp

5.       5. Charline Picon, FRA, 77 pp

6.       6. Qiaoshan Weng, CHN, 81 pp

7.       7. Blanca Manchon, ESP, 88 pp

8.       8. Patrícia Freitas, BRA98 pp

9.       9. Olha Maslivets, UKR, 100 pp

10.   10. Hayley Chan, HKG, 119 pp


Mariana Peccicacco/Velassessoria


Israeli sailor Lee-El Korsiz is three-time RS: X world champion in Brazil

The men’s event will finish tomorrow; the British Nick Dempsey could be the first sailor to win two RS:X world titles among men

Búzios – The RS:X Worlds will end tomorrow in Búzios, Brazil, but the Israeli-Lee El Korsiz is already celebrating another title, the third in a row. With light winds, the Race Committee did only two of the three races scheduled for today and Lee won the first and was 18th in the second, which became her discard. With this result, she opens 21 points lead that secures her Gold medal.

“I have 21 points over Maayan, which is enough to secure the championship. I am very happy, it’s my third consecutive title and now I’ll have to do one more tattoo”, she said showing a big star tattoo that represents each one of her victories.

Among men, the Brazilian Ricardo Winicki, Bimba, made the second best average of the day, finishing second and sixth. He returned to fifth place overall, tied with Byron Kokkalanis GRE third, and Nimrod Maschia ISR in fourth.

“Being back in the top ten in the world is great. I’m feeling good, feeling at home. On the second race I choose the wrong side, doing the first rounding in 18th, but I managed to recover. The Windsurf is very fast and it’s not possible to do a match racing at the medal race. You have to sail like it’s the first race of the championship, go out there and win”, he said.

If the day was good for Bimba, Dutchman Dorian van Rijsselberge, the Olympic champion in London, can not say the same. He could not sail well in light winds and dropped to second place, nine points behind the British Nick Dempsey, the silver inLondon 2012.

“In the first race I went to the left side and the wind got stronger from the right. In the second race I managed to make a good start and went to the right side, and didn’t see the pressure that came from the left, which resulted again in a bad race”, he said.

Dempsey says he is confortable for the last day. “Today the wind was weaker, which makes things slower. The wind was shifting again, very demanding tactically. For the medal race, is good to do the right thing at the right time, without much planning”, said the British that can be the first two time world champion of RS: X. The Englishman won the competition in 2009, racing at home in Weymouth.

Tomorrow, the medal race is scheduled for 12pm (1500GMT) at Búzios Vela Clube, in Maguinhos Beach. Only the top ten men and women will race. This is the most important race of the championship and has double score, cannot be discarded and its result will be used as the first tiebreaker. The other sailors will go to the water too, to do a single fleet race, after de medal race.


Men’s fleet after ten races and one discard

1.     Nick Dempsey, GBR, 26 points

2.     Dorian Van Rijsselberge, NED, 35 p

3.     Byron Kokkalanis, GRE, 41 p

4.     Nimrod Mashiah, ISR, 41 p

5.     Ricardo Winick Santos, BRA, 41 p


Women’s fleet after ten races and one discard:

1.     Lee-El Korsiz, ISR, 28 points

2.     Maayan Davidovich, ISR, 49 p

3.     Bryony Shaw, GBR, 52 p

4.     Charline Picon, FRA, 63 p

5.     Tuuli Petaja-Siren, FIN, 65 p


Mariana Peccicacco/Velassessoria

Gold medalist in London, Dorian Van Rijsselberghe assumes leadership of the RS:X Worlds in Brazil

Among women, the Israeli Lee-El Korsiz  won all three races of the day and took the lead

Búzios – The third day of competitions in the RS: X Worlds in Búzios, east of Rio de Janeiro state, was marked by the division of male competitors in gold and silver fleets. In the first half, the gold fleet, are the 33 best placed in the qualifying series, while in the second, the silver fleet, are the other sailors.

With three races completed, with gusts up to 18 knots from the northeast, Dutchman Dorian van Rijsselberghe took the lead with one victory and two second places. “The wind was good and I’m happy with my results. I’m leading now, but nothing is decided yet. We still have one more day of races before the medal race and Nick and Nimrod are doing a good job. Everything is still very tight and anyone can win”, said the gold medalist in London.

The Brazilian Ricardo ‘Bimba’ Winicki lost one position and finished the day insixth overall. Sailing at home and familiar with the conditions, Bimba had two good results this monday, but a wrong decision in the second race of the day did not make him happy. “I went to the right side when I should’ve have gone left. I finished in 16th position, which became my discard”, he said.

Girls – Among girls, the Israeli Lee El Korsiz had a perfect day. She won three races and took the lead. “I had three first places, which makes me very happy. The day was great and I’m looking forward for tomorrow”, celebrated Lee.

On Tuesday men and women will have the last three races. On Wednesday the top ten will do the medal race, with doubled score that cannot be discarded. The others are planned to make a fleet race to compensate for the lack of a race on the first day, due to the light winds.

The 7th RS:X World Championship is sponsored by the city of Búzios, ProLagos, Institute Equipav, Aegea, Institute Equipav and Aegea. Is supported by Brazilian Federal Government and has the aid of: Wöllner, Rider, Hannover Wines and Bodega Ruca Malen.


Men’s fleet after eight races and one discard

1.     Dorian Van Rijsselberge, NED, 15 points

2.     Nick Dempsey, GBR, 21 p

3.     Piotr Myszka, POL, 28 p

4.     Byron Kokkalanis, GRE, 28 p

5.     Nimrod Mashiah, ISR, 29 p

Women’s fleet after eight races and one discard:

1.     Lee-El Korsiz, ISR, 17 poitns

2.     Bryony Shaw, GBR, 30 p

3.     Maayan Davidovich, ISR, 37 p

4.     Charline Picon, FRA, 51 p

5.     Qiaoshan Weng, CHN, 57 p



Mariana Peccicacco

After five races and one discard,Greek Byron Kokkalanis lead the RS:X Worlds in Búzios

The wind increases in Manguinhos beach and the sun show up again

Búzios – The second day of racing in the 7th RS: X Worlds was typical of Búzios, home of the competition. The wind of 15knots from the east allowed the race committee to do the three races scheduled, with an average duration of 30 minutes each. With five races completed, thesailors discarded the worst result, which has changed a lot the score sheet.

Sailing at home, happy with the perfect condition, Ricardo “Bimba” Winicki, won the first race of the day and with a third and a fourth places, moved up to 5th position overall. The leader is the Greek Byron Kokkalanis.

“The wind was a little more constant and I sailed easier today. On the first race, I believed in the gusts on the right side of the course. It paid off and I won. On the second race, I did the whole race in fourth, passing the French in the last downwind leg. In the last one, I had a good start and fought with Dorian Van Rijsselberge and Nick Dempsey, gold and silver medals in London Games, the whole race”, told Bimba.

Who also sailed well was the British Nicky Dempsey. With the discard he appears in third place overall, two points behind the leader.

“The weather was quite tricky again on the water and I had a six and two second places.  That is not bad, the first result is a little bit disappointing, but the weather was quite difficult there, so, it’s ok”, he said.

The girls also had three races and British Bryony Shaw took the lead. The French Charline Picon regrets having lost the first place. “I haven’t sailed in these conditions in a while so it served as a test for me. Today was a bit more complicated. In the third race I made a mistake that cost me the leadership. I was close to the British, but took the wrong decision in the windward leg and ended in 13th place”, she said.

Among the female Brazilian sailors, Patricia Freitas was the best placed in 13th overall. She had a good start, finishing ninth and seventh places, but in the third race she could not start well and ended up finishing in 18th place.

With yesterday’s races, the men’s fleet reach the end of the qualifying series and tomorrow (Monday) will be divided intogold and silver fleets, with the first 50% of the best sailors on the first and the second half of the fleet on the last. The girls will continue sailing asingle fleet until march 5th. On march 6th, the top ten will sail the medal race, with double points and no discards allowed.

Tomorrow three more races are scheduled, with start signal will be at 12pm. The forecast indicates that the wind will remain the same as today: 12 to 15kt from the east.

The 7th World Championship RS: X is sponsored by city of Buzios, Pro Lagos, Institute Equipav and Aegea. Is supported by Federal Government and has the aid of: Wöllner, Rider, Hannover Wines and Bodega Ruca Malen.


Men’s fleet after five races and one discard

1.     Byron Kokkalanis, GRE, 9 points

2.     Dorian Van Rijsselberge, NED, 10 p

3.     Nick Dempsey, GBR, 11 p

4.     Piotr Myszka, POL, 11 p

5.     Ricardo Winick, BRA, 14 p

Women’s fleet after five races and one discard:

1.     Bryony Shaw, GBR, 10 points

2.     Charline Picon, FRA, 13 p

3.     Lee-El Korsiz, ISR, 14 p

4.     Maayan Davidovich, ISR, 23 p

5.     Qiaoshan Weng, CHN, 23 p


Mariana Peccicacco

Tensions rises in Buzios during RS:X Worlds

Buzios March 3, 2013 – On day 2 of the Windsurfing World Championships in Olympic RSX class, the wind increased during the day as did the tension amongst the competitors.  In the men’s fleet it is extremely close amongst the top riders, Dempsey (GBR), Kokkalanis (GER), Mashiah (ISR), Van Rijsselberge (NED) and Myszka (POL).  Same thing happens in the women’s fleet. The top three Shaw (GBR), Picon (FRA) and Korsiz (ISR) are extremely close.

Lee Korsiz enjoys every second

Double world champion Lee Korsiz (ISR) is happy with the results so far but also very happy with the event in Buzios.

She explained: “Now we have really nice conditions. But it is only two days in the event. I hope for good winds tomorrow. I am better in strong wind.  I have improved a lot in the light. I got much stronger. I came here in good shape. I came here being twice world champion. So I came here with a bit of pressure on. But I can tell you that I am so much enjoying the place the spirit and the people it is so much fun. Also to see all of us windsurfers back on the water again makes my heart warm. I enjoy Buzios the water and the wind, every moment, every second.”

Race three tells an extraordinary story

Race three in the men fleet is one with a story for a number of surfers. After a great start, Dutchman Van Rijsselberge, who at that time in the race was probably leading, was under the impression that the organization delegated a general recall. So the Olympic champion was halfway through the first leg when he returned back to the start line with about ten others. There it appeared that the race continued as usual. The ten unlucky surfers quickly turned around and some started an almost legendary catch up. Van Rijsselberge was lying 25th and finished fourth!

Dorian van Rijsselberge took us through the day and race three. “Generally a good day for me, no shockers in results in any case. But a shocker in race three. There is a story in that. I had a great start. Halfway through the beat, I thought that we all had to go back again to the starting line. I think we have sailed back for one minute with ten men or so. I think I was 25th. I pumped so hard to recover… pheeeww.”

How do you prevent things like that? “I have to be something a bit sharper eehhh … and it’s too easy to blame someone else. But normally there is a boat that sails in front of the fleet if there is a general recall. But that is no such boat here. So you need to take more initiative. That did not work out for me. ”

Men continue in gold fleet

After today, the top 50% of the men fleet continues further in the gold fleet and the rest continues in the silver fleet. Furthermore, all participants can deduct their worst result after five races have sailed. According to most participants in the gold fleet the event only really starts now. There are two more days of fleet racing and then the event finishes with the all-decisive medal race on Wednesday, March 6.

Tension rises in men’s fleet

In the men fleet it is between Dutchman Van Rijsselberge (gold London 2012), Englishman Nick Demspey (silver London 2012), Greek Byron Kokolanis, Nimrod Mashiah, the experienced Israeli who just did make Olympic qualification and the same applies to the Pole Piotr Myszka. They are all armed to the teeth for this title fight. Also local favourite Ricardo “Bimba’ Santos, who has been in training for the title since November 2012, is extremely motivated to perform well. The Chinese slightly sunk in the standings, as the breeze picked up today but are still a force to recon with on lighter days. And early leader Shahar Zubari from Israel is still in close contention.

By  Simon Keijzer

China and France lead the first day of the RS:X Worlds in Búzios, Brazil

The first day of racing at the RS:X Worlds in Búzios, Brazil, took a while to start. The sailors wait for more than an hour for the wind, and the Race Committee was able to do only two of the three races of the program. Divided in two fleets, the men were the first to sail. The orange fleet did the outer-trapezoid and the blue fleet, inner-trapezoid. The girls, at the third start, also did inner-trapezoid. The wind at the first start was around ten knots from southwest and at the second start, it was alittle bit lighter and more shifty.

At the end of the day, the Chinese sailor Chuankun Shi is the leader of the men’s fleet, while the French Charline Picon is the first among the girls. The Brazilian sailor Ricardo Winicki, also known as Bimba, celebrated the 6th place at second race on the fickle and unstable winds: “I had a good start, but lost 10 positions on the first downwind leg. In the following legs I could sail well and recovered 11 positions. I’m really satisfied with this result.”

Three races are planned for tomorrow, at 1200hrs  (1600GMT) at Búzios Vela Clube. The weather forecast indicates winds from 15 to 19 knots from the Northeast.

The 7th RS:X World Championship is sponsored by Búzios City, Pro Lagos, Instituto Equipav, Aegea and is supported by Wöllner, Rider, Hannover Vinhos and Bodega Ruca Malen.


Men’s fleet after two races

1.     Chuankun Shi, CHN, 4 points

2.     Shahar Zubari, ISR, 4 p

3.     Pierre Le Coq, FRA, 6 p

4.     Dorian Van Rijsselberge, NED, 6 p

5.     Bing Ye, CHN, 7 p

Women’s fleet after two races

1.     Charline Picon, FRA, 2 points

2.     Eugenie Ricard, FRA, 5 p

3.     Bryony Shaw, GBR, 8 p

4.     Qiaoshan Weng, CHN, 13 p

5.     Flavia Tartaglini, ITA, 14 p


Mariana Peccicacco

RS:X is back on track again! 2013 RS:X South Amerian Championships are being held this week in Rio De Janeiro Brazil giving the sailors best oportunity to test the waters of next Oplympics. Following that we have 2013 RS:X World Championships between 1st-7th March in Buzios.

However we are expecting lower entries as an outcome of the turbulences of last year it will be certainly a high level competition and important event with 2013 Class AGM being held just before it. The Class hopes to present its strenght already in July in France. We will have a grate event with both seniors and youth participating together in 2013 RS:X Europeans and Youth Europeans between 1st-7th July in Brest.

Youth sailors will meet again at RS:X Youth World Championships in the end of October in Civitavecchia, Italy. The event has not been fully confirmed yet but we hope to come to an agreement soon. We plan to close the year with RS:X Asian Championships in the end of December organized in Langkawi Island together with Malaysian Yachting Association.

RS:X is slowly regaining its strenght. We’ve been reinforced with new members of the Executives and we hope to make this year really successful for the Olympic windsurfing. We are happy to see new nations joining this year- Morocco and Tunisia and we hope these will not be the only ones.

See you soon on the water!